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The first look at the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud. Dynamics – 365


Today I had a chance to attend Dynamics 365 – first look presentation from Microsoft.

Below are the few takeaways from this session, sharing with you, will come up with more details later in my upcoming posts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enable your organization to grow, adapt, and evolve to meet the needs of your customers with Dynamics 365 – the next generation of intelligent business applications.







Use digital intelligence to reimagine what’s possible for your business.

Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project service automation.

Start with what you need, add applications as your business grows.

Rethink what’s possible for your business when you:

  • Better engage customers
  • Empower employees
  • Optimize operations
  • Reinvent products and business models


Product demo was also given, will share those details also in my upcoming posts. Till then keep exploring and learning.

All screenshots are taken from Microsoft presentation.

You can find more details and explore on below link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/default.aspx



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Finding the Right Business Intelligence Solution for your Company

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions around what to look for in a business intelligence solution and provider, including implementation expectations, important features to look for (that you probably didn’t know you need), and different options for report and dashboard distribution.

Watch Video here :

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Installing and Publishing the Jet Business Objects on the Microsoft Dynamics Server

To install the .fob file open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment and then connect to the database.

  • Open the Object Designer (on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer)
  • Import the .fob file (on the File menu, choose Import)
  • Locate the import file (Jet Reports Objects.fob), and then choose Open.
  • The .fob file includes modified objects. When prompted choose Yes to import all objects.
  • Verify that no objects are to be skipped. Objects are skipped if the version of the object in the database is later than the one in the .fob file.
  • Choose the OK button to import the .fob file.

The .fob file installs a set of business objects in the range of 14125500-14125504 and Table 14125600.
Jet Express users must have Read, Insert, Modify, Delete (RIMD-) permissions to Table 4125600 “Jet Cancellation”.

Checkout upcoming posts for more information.