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Our partnership with insightsoftware delivers the real-time insights you need to make fast, informed business decisions.  After all, no one likes to be in the dark when it comes to understanding their financial data.  Together, with insightsoftware, we can help!

Getting data out of your ERP or EPM system and making sense of it is difficult. Native ERP reporting tools are slow, inflexible, and hard to use. Generic business intelligence tools weren’t designed to understand or work with finance data. In contrast, insightsoftware makes it easy for you to automate and accelerate financial reporting, planning, and visual analysis. With deep, real-time integration to over 130 ERP and EPM systems, we can help you automate and accelerate financial and operational reporting processes—leaving you with more time to focus on analysis and telling your financial story. 

insightsoftware’s time-saving financial and operational reporting solutions are easy to install, easy to use, and deliver results that are easy to analyze—so you can confidently make fast and effective business decisions from your ERP and EPM data.  With the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry, a 94% customer retention rate, and over 20,000 customers world-wide, insightsoftware is a proven, safe choice for all your reporting needs.

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