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NAV 2016 – Indian Localization Released in August 2016

Product: Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Version: NAV 2016

Released Features (Find CustomerSource Links)

Title                                                                                                     Internal Reference
Additional Depreciation under Income Tax                                        167285
Krishi Kalyan Cess feature for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016      167286
New File Validation Utility (Version 5.0) for TDS                               167288

Enhancement of e TDS (Form 26Q & Form 27Q) feature for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – India

This release addresses the changes brought in by versions of FVU ranging from 4.3 to 5.0 released time to time by the Income tax department. It includes incorporating necessary validations along with updating e TDS files of Form 26Q and Form 27Q generated by the application to ensure compatibility with the latest FVU (5.0) hosted in NSDL website.

Krishi Kalyan Cess feature for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – India
Government has introduced a new Cess called ‘Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC)’ in Finance Act 2016 which will take effect from 01-Jun-2016. It is imposed on all taxable Services at the rate of 0.5%. KKC is not a Cess on Service Tax but it is a tax on taxable services in addition to Service tax. It would be calculated in the same way as Service Tax is being calculated.?

Enhancement of Additional Depreciation Feature for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – India

This release facilitates carry forward of additional depreciation to the subsequent year in case the asset is acquired and put to use for less than 180days during a financial year.?

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Assisted Setup (Sales Tax) – in Madeira

Today we will see how Sales Tax setup is done in Madeira. Since preview is limited to US so many of the information may not apply or some different options will be available for other countries. 

Whatsoever may be in final release we will see at that time when finally it will be released. Lets look what is available in this preview.

Login to Madeira using your credentials.

From Action Tab on landing/ Role Center Page on Ribbon click on Assisted Setup & Task.


List with available options page is opened.


Select Setup Sales Tax to continue.

Welcome Screen appears click on Next Button.


Default tax group is created and you can start with other setup, click on Next.


We are only talking about Tax since this preview is only for US so options relevant to them only available. 


Select the Account for Tax Account (Sales & Purchase) using the Assist button which lists you the Available Accounts in COA.


Next City, Country & State related information need to be filled, and then click Next Button to proceed.


Depending upon Information provided in Previous Screen it suggests Tax Area Code, click on Next Button to continue.


We are done with Setup now we will assign this to Customer, Vendor and Company.

Click on Next to continue.


You can Assign the Tax Information to Customer as per entering simple query.

We can assign or we can leave this activity for later.

We have option to schedule a reminder for this activity. Click on Schedule to continue.


Enter the Date and Time for Start & Expiry of this reminder.

This will setup a Job for this and keep reminding you so that you have track of, that this activity is still pending and need to be completed.

Once done choose OK Button to continue.


You can see this in Jobs Entry Page.


Similarly you can do for Vendor too.


For company it will be applicable if you selected, so no separate screen for same for query based assignment.

Select OK to Continue.


We are done with our Tax Setup for Company, Customer & Vendor.


That’s all for today, will come up with more information in my next post.

Till then keep exploring and learning.