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Posting Preview in Navision 2016

On every document and journal that can be posted, you can choose the Preview Posting button to review the different types of entries that will be created when you post the document or journal.

Below I have shown Example from Sales Invoice Window, similarly you will get in other related Pages too.

From Actions TAB you will get this option for Preview Posting.

You will get below Navigation Window where you can Navigate Entries which will get posted upon Posting.
Give it a try, very useful feature introduced in Navision 2016.

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Using of Posting Groups

Posting groups in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are very important part of configuration process. All G/L Entries depends of correctly configured posting groups.

We can find a lot of them: General Business and Product Posting Groups, VAT Business and Product Posting Groups, Customer and Vendor Posting Groups, Inventory Posting Groups…

Sometime, it is very confusing how it works, especially for unexperienced people.

You can find good explanation on same in this post by Totovic.

Nicely explained, you should see it here. I feel must to see this post for every Navision Consultants either fresher or experienced.

Functional Tips

Preventing Posting of Sales Invoices that Are Not on Stock – in Navision 2015

By default, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is set up so that you are allowed to post sales invoices that contain items that you currently do not have on stock.

You can change that behavior to allow posting an invoice only if all the items on the lines are on stock. In this scenario, you will learn how to do it through the Inventory Setup page.

  • On the Role Center, o the Home tab, in the Setup group, choose Setup.
  • On the drop-down menu, choose Inventory Setup. The Inventory Setup window opens.


  • In the Inventory Setup window, select the Prevent Negative Inventory check box.
  • Choose the OK button..