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Check & Assign Permissions in Power Apps Environment

This is the Eleventh post in the series. If you want to go to previous post click here.

From the series of steps this post is dedicated to Step-10:

As a Tenth Step we will Verify & Assign Permissions in Power Apps Environment.

This is the final Step, and we will be done with the goal we set in our first post of this series.

Open your Dynamics 365 Sales Environment and Go To Settings.

Under Users + permissions -> Application users.

On next screen Verify “Business Central Integration Business Central to Common Data Service” is selected. If not then select it from “Edit Security Roles”.

From Settings -> Users + permissions -> Security roles

From Security roles select the Business Central Dataverse Integration Then Edit

Select Custom Entities tab and find your table Prospects. Select each circle 4 times to assign Organization, circle should turn completely filled green color.

Select Save and Close.

Now you All done with the steps, Ready to test the solution.

In next post we will test the solution, we created in past 10 posts.

Now you are good to proceed with Next Step.

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