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Setting different Column Layout for different users

On Community Forum i came across one requirement for opening Page with different column on Page for different users.

Here i have given an demo how can be done, but will require some tweaking to achieve the actual result.

I have copied the Customer List Page and removed extra fields.

Playing with columns1

I have added one Field above Repeater so that we can decide which format we want to see on screen. User can enter 1/2/or any other value.

I have created two more variables Set1 and Set2 to show/hide fields as per the value entered in SetSelect.

Assigned the Set1 & Set2 to few columns on the Page Fields to Property Visible.

Set1 to Responsibility Center, Location Code & Currency Code.

Set2 to Post Code, Country/Region Code, Phone No. & Fax No.

Added code on OnOpenPage Trigger to select Default page Format when Page is Opened. This code you will modify as per your requirement like check the User and assign the default Value.

Added Code to SetSelect-OnValidate Trigger to select the required format of Page. You need to modify the code as per your requirement.

Playing with columns2

In this demo if user enter value for SetSelect and you will get different view of same page.

Do some research and design one as per your requirement, this way we need not to create different Pages for different Users. Same Page can serve you different purpose if limited to only different views.

I will come with more information in my upcomming posts.

Till then keep browsing and learning.


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What’s New in Jet Reports for Word, How it is different from Navision Word Reports

Before we compare both the way of creating report in word, the features I would be suggesting you to review the posts which I have posted earlier Word Document Reports and Custom Layouts to refresh the concept of creating reports in Word.

Let’s start with comparing how it is different from Navision Word Report.

Create a custom layout for the report you wish to use

In your NAV client navigate to Report Layout Selection (Administration/IT Administration/ Reports).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 includes several sample Word reports including:

14125500             Sales Order – Jet Ex. Word

14125501             Sales Invoice – Jet Ex. Word

14125502             Sales Cr. Memo – Jet Ex. Word

14125504             Sales Quote – Jet Ex. Word

I have filtered the above Reports.

Select the report that you wish to customize. (I am Using 14125500 for this example)
Click Custom Layouts.

 To create a new Report Layout, click New.

A pop-up window will appear and allow you to choose the layout type.

Check the Insert Word Layout box and click OK.



In the Report Layouts window, you can change the Description.

Click OK

In the NAV Custom Report Layouts window, highlight the layout you wish to use and click the Import Layout button from the ribbon.

Browse to the Jet Express for Word Sample Documents, choose the template you want and click Open
Click Edit Layout to customize this layout.


Above screenshot show how to Access the XML part of the Report.

Left side shows Jet->Design

Right side shows Developer->XML Mapping Pane

If you remember In Navision word Report we use to select the Custom XML Part from the dropdown to access the available fields, Labels etc.

Whereas if we see In Jet Report this is not required.

Also you may have observed that Jet Report Pane Have search option, which makes easy to find desired fields rather than scrolling through the XML Nodes to access the desired Fields.

You may observe in above picture that I have typed the part of the Field I am looking for and Jet Report Pane suggested that Similar to what I typed there is a Field “Salesperson” and it available under 2 heads Labels & Header data items.

If I require to insert the Labels or Fields, Place the cursor at desired place where you want that Field to be inserted and Double Click to the Field from Jet Report Pane.
Where as to perform same action in Navision Word Place the cursor where we wish to Insert the Field then we use to Scroll to the Field we wish to insert then we perform step Right Click->Insert Content Control->Plain Text
I will come up with more details in my next post. We will see how we can design the Report Using Jet Report fast and easily.

Also some Best Practice, Tip & Tricks while using Jet Reports.