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Copy Journal function on Posted General Journals in Business Central

Working with large journals can be cumbersome to correct if you make mistakes.

Earlier we used to do customizations for our customers to get this done. But now this feature is available in the product.

Now with the Wave 2 release of Dynamics Business Central you can use the copy journal function on Posted General Journals.

User have ability to reverse the entries based on posted General Journals.

I am using Accountant Profile.

Search for General Journal Template, make sure you have check mark under Copy to Posted Jnl. Lines for template which you wish to use for this purpose.

Journals-> General Journal

Similarly, the Check mark on Batch which you will use for this purpose.

Search for Posted General Journal

You will find no entries as you can see in previous screenshot for Default Batch Copy to Posted General Journal check mark is clear and any entries posted using that batch is not available.

Now put the Check mark and post the entries.

Now re-open Posted General Journal after posting few entries.

Select the Lines you wish to reverse

Select Copy Selected Line to Journal

Fill the request page, Your Template & Batch to Use, if you wish to change the Posting Date & Document No. If you wish to change the Sign and then press OK.

Your Journal Lines will be created as per the information provided on request page:

Below is the Screenshot after posting the entries:

I have exported to Excel and hidden few columns to show the output.

Entries marked in red rectangle is the entries posted post above operation and options selected on request page.

So now you know how to use this feature, share with your customers and help to make their life easy. Hope you liked and enjoyed learning this feature.

See you in next post, till then keep exploring, learning and sharing with others.

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