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Using Payment Services – in Madeira

It’s obvious you know we can include link in PDF documents, if you don’t know no issues everything is not known to every one until he uses it or someone inform them. Today we will be learning this feature for making payments using links in your PDF invoices generated from Madeira.

If you had setup the preview this feature is already available in CRONIUS US demo company.

How do we Setup:

Login to Madeira Project using your Credentials.

Click on Search Page from right top corner.

Search for Payment Services page.





Open the Page.

Click on Setup and enter your details as shown in above screen.

Click on Maximize button and Show more to see more details.


Payment Service Link:

In the CRONUS US demonstration company, the payment link inserted into invoices will link to the PayPal test site.

For your actual Company, we will set so that the payment link will point to the real PayPal site, where payments can be made.

It is advisable that not to do this up for the Actual Company until Project “Madeira” is generally available for purchase. And authorized documentation on this feature is released from Madeira.

If you have setup Always Include on Document then you need not to perform any additional step, but in case you want to add the Payments Service Link to individual invoices that too can be done.

Manually Selecting Payment Services:

Open your Invoice on which you want to include this option.


As you can see in above Invoice no Payment Service is included.

Click on the Lookup on right side of the field.


Select the Payment Service from the list of available Services, and click on OK.


When you send the invoice to your customer the Payment Service Link will be included in the Invoice PDF.











How it will look in Invoice:

The PDF will contain the link to your selected Payment Service using which your customer can do the payment.


Stay tuned for more Information in upcoming posts.

Till then keep exploring and learning.