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Madeira – Look & Feel – Part-I

Hi Friends I am providing this Blog to my readers who are yet not able to give try to the Project Madeira First Preview. But wish to have the Look and feel how it looks.

Today I will be showing few Look & Feel changes. Up till Now only Preview is available we need to wait for some more time to hear more about the product and features.

How ever below I am presenting few details, Login to the Project Madeira using your credentials provided while Setup.


Here is the Landing Screen which you get post Logging in to Madeira.

Top right corner is the Search,  that we usually use to search pages.


Here you type the Page you wish to switch to, in my example I am trying to search Role Center Page. It will be similar to one below screen shot.


If you click on action Tab it will show you the ribbon having actions available on Page. You can hide it to gain more space on screen by clicking on ^ at the bottom right corner of the Ribbon Tab.


Lets have a Look on Item List, you have 3 View available as below

  1. Large Picture Card View


2. Small Picture Card View


3. Simple List view as usually we have in earlier Versions.


Let’s have a view of Customers List Page. On the right side you can see History Card Fact Box in form of Cues.


Here is the Vendor List Page. On the right side you can see History Card Fact Box in form of Cues.


Here is the Page search when you click on Magnifying search it will provide you the text box to enter you search, I am trying to search Items containing lo in its Name/ Description.


Click on Home to see Drop Menu to select sub Items defined under it. You can Minimize the same clicking on ^. This is available on almost all Pages and Ribbons to hide unwanted information to gain more space on Screen to view only required information. Some places it acts as hiding the Tab where as other places it serves as showing Sub-Menus.


Here is the example of Sub-Menu.








This is how Page appears you select from Sub-Menu.

On Page at Right Top corner arrow are used to Minimize or Maximize the page.


View of above Page in Maximized form.


You can use Menu on Page to send data to Excel.



Here is how line action menu is shown.


Below is the Matrix Page type View.


Picture Card Menu. Now on Pages Information and divided in respective small pages.



I will come up with more Look and Feel of New Project Madeira.

Till then keep exploring and Learning. You can find more information on other Blogs too.

However official Blog for same is :