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Project “Madeira” content pack for Power BI


Getting insights into your Project “Madeira” data is easy with the Project “Madeira” content pack for Power BI. Power BI retrieves your data and then builds an out-of-the-box dashboard and reports based on that data. This blog post announces the availability of the Project “Madeira” content pack for Power BI.

Check out this Link.

The content pack is preconfigured to work with sales data and financial data from the demonstration company that you get when you sign up for the Project “Madeira” preview. – Choose any visual on the dashboard to bring up one of seven underlying reports. – Filter the report or add fields that you want to monitor. – Pin this customized view to the dashboard to continue tracking. The dashboard and underlying reports refresh daily. You can control the refresh schedule and modify the frequency on the dataset.

The data is extracted from your Project “Madeira” company using web services to read live data. In Project “Madeira”, the Web Services window lists the web services that have been set up for you, including the following that are consumed by the content pack in Power BI:

  • ItemSalesAndProfit
  • ItemSalesByCustomer
  • powerbifinance
  • SalesDashboard
  • SalesOpportunities
  • SalesOrdersBySalesPerson
  • TopCustomerOverview