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Using Jet Report NL Function

Returns fields or record keys from a table based on filters. Duplicates report templates.
If the NL function is making copies of a template, it must be the only function in the cell.
The functions =-NL(“Rows”) and =NL(“Rows”)*-1 are not valid.

=NL(“Rows”,”Customer”,,”Salesperson Code”,”PS”,”Shipping Agent Code”,”DHL”)

This NL returns the record key for all the Customer with Salesperson Code = ‘PS’ and Shipping Agent Code as ‘DHL’

If you specify multiple filters, they combine in a logical AND.

NL Function Parameters & Arguments with brief Description.

Navision Cronus NL Function Examples:

This NL that returns the record key for all of the customers in the Customer table who are in the City of Boston with a Balance less than zero


This NL returns the Customer Name from sales quote number 10000. This NL can only return one record so the “What” parameter is blank

=NL(,”Sales Header”,”Name”,”No.”,”10000″,”Document Type”,”Quote”)

This NL returns information for a company other than the default one in the Options screen

=NL(“Rows”,”Customer”,,”0″,”CRONUS USA, Inc.”)

This NL returns information for a company other than the one in the Options screen using a connection other than the default.

=NL(“Rows”,”Customer”,,”0″,”CRONUS USA, Inc.”,”DataSource=”,”2″)

This NL creates sheets called “US”,”CANADA” and “MEXICO” using an array in the table field


This NL creates lookup values for use with Report Options for each item in cells F5 through F15.

=NL(“Lookup”,F5:F15,”My Values”)


See my upcoming posts for more details and uses of this function.