How to: Enable Web Services for ADCS

To use Automated Data Capture System, you must enable the ADCS web service.

To enable and publish the ADCS web service

Start the RoleTailored client.

In the Search box, enter Web Services, and then choose the related link.

On the Home tab, choose New.

In the Web Services window, enter the following information on a new line:

Field Value
Object Type Codeunit
Object ID 7714
Service Name ADCS

Important: It is required that you name the service ADCS.

Select the Published check box.

Choose the OK button.
To verify that the web service has been published

In a web browser window, enter a URL in the following format: http://<web services path>/Services. The following example demonstrates the results.

In my case:

You see the following XML information if the ADCS web service is published.

To verify that the codeunit is performing as expected, enter a URL in the following format: http://<web services path>/Codeunit/<Service Name>.

Information about the ADCS web service is displayed.


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