Microsoft Power BI – Part – V

Continuing from my previous post, if you have not seen yet please check it out it will help you continuing with this post.

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Today we will discuss how we can schedule refresh for Dataset for Report which we published in our previous post.

We can schedule Refresh for our database which is in our premise.

In Previous post we saw how to enable Gateway to refresh the dataset. This Gateway must be running else we won’t be able to refresh our data from our database. We can Schedule the Refresh but however we can refresh the same whenever required as we saw in our previous post.

It very easy to get it done.

Step -1 Run your Gateway on the server so that Online Power BI can communicate with your server and request for updated data. This should be kept Running All the time just live any service keep running on your Server.

Step-2 Login to Online Power BI at, using your credentials.

Step-3 Configure Refresh Schedule

For Step 1 & 2 please refer to earlier posts in this series, Link on top of this post.

We will discuss Step-3 here.

Once you are Login to the system, Locate the Dataset you published in our previous post.


Click on the three dots next to the Dataset name & choose Schedule Refresh from the resulting Menu.


Here the required information is self-explanatory, fill in the details as per the requirement and Apply.

Make some data changes in your database and test if it reflects in your Report.

Meet you again via my next Post soon.

Till then keep practicing and learning about Power BI through available Blogs, Help available online with



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