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Creating File Attachment to Mail for Report

We generally get requirements from clients to send report output as attachment to the mail.

In Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2015 this feature is available at most of the places, but we can design for other earlier versions too.

Long-time back I was having this requirement from one of my client, those days I scanned lots of website and tried lots of method. This one I found compact and easy to use. Their after whenever I get similar requirements I prefer using this.

Today I wish to share the same with others, as I have used it in my several implementations and found it working perfect and tested with several clients.

Let’s see this, it could help someone getting his work done in easy way and can save lots of time from hit and try with several methods.

First step, I will create a function which will help us generating the file on Service tier and down load to local temporary folder, so that we can easily access and attach to our mail.

Let’s give it a meaningful name like: DownloadToClientFileName

I will define two parameters for this Function as below:

Var Name DataType Subtype Length
No ServerFileName Text 250
No ToFile Text 250

I will define Return Value of Function as: Text of Length 250

I will define Local Variables for Function as below:

Name DataType Subtype Length
ClientFileName Text 250
objScript Automation ‘Microsoft Script Control 1.0’.ScriptControl
CR Text 1

Now we will write Code for the Function as below:

ClientFileName := ToFile;

IF NOT DOWNLOAD(ServerFileName, ”, ‘<TEMP>’,”, ClientFileName) THEN




CR := ‘ ‘; CR[1] := 13;

objScript.Language := ‘VBScript’;


‘function RenameTempFile(fromFile, toFile)’+CR+

‘set fso = createobject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)’+CR+

‘set x = createobject(“Scriptlet.TypeLib”)’+CR+

‘path = fso.getparentfoldername(fromFile)’+CR+

‘toPath = path+”\”+left(x.GUID,38)’+CR+

‘fso.CreateFolder toPath’+CR+

‘fso.MoveFile fromFile, toPath+”\”+toFile’+CR+

‘RenameTempFile = toPath’+CR+

‘end function’);

ClientFileName := objScript.Eval(‘RenameTempFile(“‘+ClientFileName+'”,”‘+ToFile+'”)’);

ClientFileName := ClientFileName+’\’+ToFile;



Second Step, I will write code to call this function to attach the file to Mail and send using SMTP as below:

//SMTP is an Variable of Codeunit SMTP Mail


//SenderName,SenderAddress,Recipent is an email addresses



//MailReport is Variable for Report of which output we want to use as attachment.

//Name & ToFile is Text type variable of Length 250

Name := STRSUBSTNO(‘Estimate No. %1.pdf’, SalesHeader.”No.”);

//Creating File Name

ToFile := Name;

FileName := TEMPORARYPATH + ToFile;

//We are using temporarypath OS Variable to get the path for file



ToFile := DownloadToClientFileName(FileName, ToFile);




Now you can create a template function and use where ever require.