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Integrating with Microsoft OneNote With Navision 2015

You can set up Microsoft Dynamics NAV to work with Microsoft OneNote.

For example, you can use OneNote integration to synchronize notes from a mobile OneNote installation with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can also use OneNote to share pictures, recordings, and other instructions across a company.

When you set up OneNote integration, you can enable adding notes to a particular record or to a complete page

Note: You cannot set up Microsoft Dynamics NAV to work with OneNote in multitenant deployments.

With Microsoft OneNote integration you can attach notes to customers, items, or invoices.

OneNote notes can be created for a specific record, but also for a whole page depending on the setup.

You can attach notes, reminders, or pictures to a specific record such as a customer. You can also create a note attached to a whole page, so there are separate instructions about how to deal with customers, items, or journals.

Pages notes can only be used on pages that are based on a source table. This means that, for example, the Role Center page cannot use page notes.

Note: OneNote integration lets users share their OneNote repository, which means that information in a shared OneNote repository can be read by all persons having access to that repository.

Let’s start with creating background which we will use in Setting up our solution, I am using   Local folders to configure my OneNote.


Here I have created two Folders

  1. PageNotes
  2. RecordNotes

How to access PageNote & RecordNote.

If OneNote not visible on Pages you can add the same as below:


To set up OneNote integration for a group of users

  1. In the Search box, enter Profiles, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the profile to make the OneNote adjustments for.
  3. On the Home tab, choose Edit.
  4. Select the Use Record Notes check box.
  5. In the Record Notebook field, enter the path where Microsoft Dynamics NAV should access the notebook.


Note: You can find this information in Microsoft OneNote using the File tab. Select the OneNote book that you want to use, this can be shared among the books listed in Notebook Information or you can create a new one. Copy the location path for the notebook.

You may want to use customization to promote the OneNote action to the ribbon for easy accessibility.

If want to us Page Note too follow below steps:

  1. Select the Use Pages Notes check box.
  2. In the Page Notebook field, enter the path where Microsoft Dynamics NAV should access the notebook.
  3. Choose the OK

Note: The RoleTailored client must be restarted for the changes to have effect.

Using Record Notes

  1. From any Page Select OneNote, Note For selected record will be available to record.


Your One Note File is created in the specified Folder:


Accessing the Record Notes:


Using Page Notes

  1. From any Page Select PageNote, Note For active Page will be available to page.


Your Page Note File is created in Specified folder


Accessing the Page Note


Try using it, it’s Simple and Very useful.