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Jet Data Manager Connecting Data Source To Business Central – – Part-2

Jet Analytics delivers fast, flexible dashboards and reports in Excel, Power BI, and in the browser. Now you can bring all your data together in one place to enable everyone in the organization to easily perform sophisticated business analysis from anywhere, without technical expertise. Empower users to make better decisions, faster.

This blog shares information on the steps involved to connect Jet Analytics to the Business Central (On-Premise) via Direct SQL Connection 

If you have not checked previous blog in this series you can find link here to connect Jet Analytics to the Business Central (Online Tenant).

(On-Premise) via Direct SQL Connection is very straight forward to configure Data Source. Rest steps remains same as in previous post.

Step 1: Right click on the data source and choose “Add SQL Server data source”

Step 2: Key in the SQL Data Source Name, Server Name, Authentication & Database Name to connect.

Leave rest as default & Test Connection.

Here onwards rest steps will be same as in previous post.

Step 3: Right click on the data source and choose “Set up accounts”

You will get (0 selected) at first time in this case this task is already performed so showing count of selected Accounts (Companies in Business Central Database)

Select Template & all desired Companies from the List and hit OK.

Next Sync your Objects:

When first time empty Data Source no objects selected will see Read Objects, In my case the objects are already selected so it shows Synchronize Objects.

Now you can see your table objects in Data Selection Pan.

That’s it for this post rest will discuss in other upcoming posts.

One news I want to share with all readers, now we are Jet Reports Partner, if you have any requirements you can reach to me for License, Deployment, Training or Support.