Usage of RUNREQUESTPAGE, EXECUTE, SAVEAS and PRINT function of Reports Object

Today we will discuss usage of RUNREQUESTPAGE, EXECUTE, SAVEAS and PRINT function of Report Object.

You will be using RUNREQUESTPAGE function to run the request page of desired Report.

We will save the value of Parameters in Table for further use. For this we will require to create a table with below structure let name it as Report Request Parameters.

Create a table called Report Request Parameters that has the following fields.

Field Name Data Type Length
ReportId Integer
UserId Code 100
Parameters BLOB


Then we will use these value with

EXECUTE – To preview the report.

SAVEAS – To save it as pdf file.

PRINT – To print the Report.

To continue with our demo we will require to create a codeunit, let’s name it as Using Report Functions.

We will add the following variables in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType Subtype Length
ReportParameters Record Report Request Parameters
XmlParameters Text
OStream OutStream
IStream InStream
CurrentUser Code 100
Content File
TempFileName Text


Now we will add the following code to the OnRun trigger of the codeunit.

We will be taking Report 206 as an example for this demo.


You can copy below code for your demo.

// Use the REPORT.RUNREQUESTPAGE function to run the request page to get report parameters

XmlParameters := REPORT.RUNREQUESTPAGE(206);

CurrentUser := USERID;

// Save the request page parameters to the database table

WITH ReportParameters DO BEGIN

// Cleanup

     IF GET(206,CurrentUser) THEN



ReportId := 206;

UserId := CurrentUser;







XmlParameters := ”;

// Read the request page parameters from the database table

WITH ReportParameters DO BEGIN






// Use the REPORT.SAVEAS function to save the report as a PDF file





// Use the REPORT.EXECUTE function to preview the report


// Use the REPORT.Print function to print the report


We are done, definitely this will help you doing some useful stuffs in your projects.

Run the Codeunit and see the output. You will get three output

a) Report Output will be saved as pdf, you can specify your custom path to save the file to specified location.

b) Report Print Preview

c) Report will be send for Printing


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