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Which Object types you can Include & Restrictions applicable to C/AL code in Extension Packages

For Overview, please see my earlier post Introducing Extensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

When you create extension package you can include new as well as modified objects.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, these object types can be added and included in an extension:

  • Pages
  • Tables
  • MenuSuites
  • Codeunits

You can modify these existing object types as permitted by your license:

  • Pages
  • Tables
  • Action Items

You will not be able to add or modify any other object types in this version.

You are not allowed to delete any existing objects.

You will also need to be sure not to modify any existing C/AL code, including code in codeunits and in triggers on existing objects.

In case you want to modify existing code, use the new C/AL eventing model.

To know more about Events see by earlier posts:

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  2. Implementing Events in Navision 2016

This restriction is only on existing code and objects. However New pages, tables, and so on, can contain C/AL code as it is considered part of the new object.

Comment or Uncomment Selection

Commenting and uncommenting multiple lines of C/AL Code

We can add and remove comment marks manually for each line till now. But from now the Comment Selection and Uncomment Selection options available in the Edit menu. The Comment Selection and Uncomment Selection options enable you to comment or uncomment multiple lines of code all at once.

  • To comment lines of code, select the lines, and then, in the Edit menu, choose Comment Selection (Shift+Ctrl+K).
  • To uncomment lines of code, select the lines, and then choose Uncomment Selection (Shift+Ctrl+O).


Comment / UnComment Selection