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Integrating Azure Function with Business Central

This is third post in this series, if you wish to see first post, you can access here.

In previous post I discussed about first part, how to create Azure Functions, you can access here.

Today in this post I will discuss about second part, how to Integrate previously created Azure Functions in Business Central.

From previous post remember:

On completion you will get the Live AZURE URL, use the URL in same way as for local, to pass parameter append at the end of URL as (?ReqData=Test)

Replace [Test] with the information for which you want to generate the QR Code.

Let’s start with Business Central side customization required, here I am presenting partial design for learning purpose, if you need full functional setup-based configuration for generating QR Code integrated with your system, I have the solution ready, you can connect with me for complete solution for your business. Actual solution has much more capability than what is presented here.

First, we will design a table to store all generated QR Code & assign an QR Set Id, which you can add in your other tables, just like Dim Set Id.

Only bare minimum code is included just to give idea about how we can integrate Azure Functions to Generate QR Code in Business Central.

Next, we will design page for this table.

Next, we will design page to display QR Set Image generated for QR Code Data.

QR Code Data is text created with information for which QR Code need to be generated.

Next, we will create a function which will generate QR Image using Azure function we created in previous post.

You can create a codeunit and add your function to generate QR Code Image as above. Replace Url with exact you obtained in previous post after deploying your function.

You need to write one more function which create a new record in your table and populate QR Code Data value with the information you wish to generate QR Image for.

Once your QR Code Set Record is ready call this function to Generate QR Code Image for you, based on information you created in QR Code Data.

For Example, add this procedure to any table where you wish to Generate QR Code.

You need to implement your logic for generating QR Code Data, for example you wish to Generate QR Code for Item with information like [ItemNo|Description]

You can populate QR Code data as:

QRSet.”QR Code Data” := Rec.”No.” + ‘|’ + Rec.Description;

Don’t forget to add one field to this table as “QRSet Id” and assign the “QRSet Id” as QRSet.”QR Code Set Id” in above procedure GenerateQRCode after QRSet is Inserted.

Your QR Image will be generated with this information, when you scan you QR Image you will get information that you passed as parameter to “QR Code Data”.

Similarly, you can add below actions to your respective page for above table:

Now build and publish your extension.

Open the page where you added the Action, first call Generate QR Code, this will populate the QR Code Set with the information as per your logic, Get the QR Image from the Azure function and save it into your table QR Code Set. Next you call View QR Code, this will fetch the QR Image from the table and display on screen.

Hope you enjoyed learning from this post.

That’s all for this post, but visit again to learn from upcoming posts in this series, will post soon.

See you again in next post, till then keep exploring, learning and sharing with others.