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Applying GST Patch to Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 IN



I got my one project to Apply GST patch to Dynamics Navision 2013 R2 IN database.

I started by just going to download link for TFS180484 – GST – Goods and Service Tax

When I scanned the Release Document I found prerequisite stating:

Before this update can be installed, the following prerequisites are required:

Microsoft Dynamics ® NAV 2013 R2 India


  • NAV 2013 R2 RTM Database (Version 7.10.35473)
  • Import below Hotfixes sequentially
No. TFSID Fixes Description
1 TFS353595 TDS Zero Percent
2 TFS354411 FVU 3.9-4.1 and TDS Zero Pct
3 HF377555 GL Inconsistency
4 TFS160375 Swachh Bharat Cess
5 TFS167308 eTDS FVU 5.0/
6 TFS167310 Krishi Kalyan Cess/
7 TFS177164 eTCS FVU 5.1



No data upgrade is required before you can use this feature.

When I checked the version realised that this version is for Dynamics.71.W1.135473.DVD, luckily my customer was also using same version. Here my first issue was resolved.

Then it says to import few Hotfixes sequentially, as usual when we require anything start googling and researching. So I too started the same.

At the very first step I was in problem was unable to find the very first HF TFS353595 for TDS Zero Percent.

On further research I was able to find that I can ignore finding the same as it is the part of TFS35441 as TFS 353595 is merged in TFS354411 – (FVU 3.9-4.1 and TDS Zero Pct.)

I downloaded the same from link TFS354411 – FVU 3.9-4.1 and TDS Zero Pct.

Now my next search was for HF377555 – GL Inconsistency, oh… again was unable to find the download link for same.

On further research I was able to find the solution for same as below :

HF377555 (GL Inconsistency)


Issue was due to difference in Tax Amount calculation in

  • CodeUnit 13704 :Indian Sales Tax Calculation
  • CodeUnit 90: Purch-Post

Root Cause: calculation of Tax Base Amount upto 16 decimals and not rounding off in CodeUnit 13704.


Added Rounding off for “Tax Base Amount” in function ‘GetItemChargeInputTaxCredit’ of Codeunit “Indian Sales Tax Calculate”


HF377555 - Earlier

Changed to:

 HF377555 - Changed

Next was to find TFS160375 – Swachh Bharat Cess

I downloaded the same from Link TFS160375 – Swachh Bharat Cess

Next was to find TFS167308 – eTDS FVU 5.0

I downloaded the same from Link TFS167308 – eTDS FVU 5.0

Next was to find TFS167310 – Krishi Kalyan Cess

I downloaded the same from Link TFS167310 – Krishi Kalyan Cess

Next was to find TFS177164 – eTCS FVU 5.1

Oh… again I was unable to find the download link for same.

On further search and help from Microsoft support team I was able to trace the same.

I downloaded the same from Link TFS177164 – eTCS FVU 5.1

Important Note:

When applying the hotfixes TFS167310 – Krishi Kalyan Cess should be applied first and then TFS167308 – eTDS FVU 5.0 to be applied.

Now I am ready with all the prerequisite and can continue with my job.

Now how much objects you need to merge depends on how heavily your customer database is customized.

After applying above all patches your base database with GST patch is ready, now you are ready to compare and merge with your customer database.

The purpose to writing this post was to provide you the links of missing HF’s which you are not getting easily right at single place.

In every post you find the list of HF’s to be applied but not links to them and you face problem in collecting the same and waste lots of your precious time.

Since I too faced same pain, so decided to provide all of them at single place. So that no one else go through same pain which I and others have gone through.

Hope you would have enjoyed reading this post and this will help many who are facing issue of same nature.