Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Areas covered and Features available in Dynamics 365 for Operations:

  • Financial Management
    •             Accounts payable
    •             Accounts receivable
    •             Budgeting
    •             Cash and bank management
    •             Credit and collections
    •             Expense management
    •             Financial reporting
    •             Fixed assets
    •             General ledger
  • Globalization & Translation
    •             Country/region localizations & languages
    •             Dynamics Translation Service
    •             Localization configurations
  • Human Capital Management
    •             Enhanced analytics for Human Capital Management
    •             New termination rules
    •             New Workflows enabled in Human Resources
    •             Regulatory updates
    •             Talent management
    •             Transitioning employees and contractors
    •             US Payroll
  • Intelligence
    •             Compensation and benefits Power BI reports
    •             Competency and development reports
    •             Create Power BI reports with enumerated fields
    •             Customize application reports using extensions
    •             Human Resources Manager Power BI reports
    •             Personalized product recommendations powered by cognitive services and Microsoft Azure machine learning
    •             Project Management PowerBI reports
    •             Recruiting Power BI reports
    •             Training Power BI reports
  • Manufacturing
    •             Product variant enhancements
  • Mobile
    •             Mobile


  • Project Management Accounting
    •             Funding sources can be selected for fee journal lines
    •             Intercompany revenue and cost transactions
    •             Late selection option for invoice proposals in a batch
    •             Managing estimated costs, revenue, and item requirements
    •             Power BI content pack for Project management and accounting
    •             Project management and accounting improvements
    •             Project resourcing improvements
    •             Vendor prepayments in fixed-price project estimates
  • Retail Commerce
    •             Advanced warehousing in Retail store
    •             Analytics and intelligence
    •             e-Commerce & consumer shopping app
    •             Hybrid cloud – Retail Store
    •             Mobility and modern user experience
    •             Omni-channel
    •             Payments
    •             Retail store
  • Supply Chain Management
    •             Additional warehouse support in manufacturing
    •             Cost accounting
    •             Vendor collaboration
    •             Warehouse enhancements for high volume distribution centers
    •             Warehouse operation enhancements
  • Others
    •             Consignment Inventory
    •             Development and customization
    •             General
    •             Intercompany order processing: ATP and direct shipment
    •             Servicing environments
    •             Web client


Most of the contents you find in this blog will be either inherited from MSDN or Navision Developer IT Pro Help. Some places images are also directly taken from these sites. Purpose is simple to try those stuffs and re-produce adding few things as per my understanding to make easy understanding for others and quick reference.

Here nothing under my own brand or authorship of the content. At any point of time we are just promoting Microsoft stuffs nothing personnel with same.

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