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Now Power BI Added to Microsoft Trust Center

The Microsoft Trust Center provides a single point of reference for cloud trust resources, including documentation of our adherence to international and regional compliance certifications and attestations, privacy and data protection policies and processes, data transfer and location policies, and security features and functionality.

When you entrust your data to the Microsoft Cloud, you will have questions. Where is it? Who can access it? What is Microsoft doing to protect it? How can you verify that Microsoft is doing what it says?

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The Power BI service is built on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, and leverages Azure’s robust set of security technologies and practices. These help ensure that Power BI is resistant to attack, safeguards user access, and helps secure your data through encrypted communications.

As a Power BI customer, you know, through clearly stated policies and procedures, where your customer data is stored and how we help secure it, as well as who can access it and under what circumstances.