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How to list Virtual Tables in Navision

You may have seen several posts listing the Virtual tables. Most of they say you create page/form and type in one by one table id in Range (2000000001.. 2000000200) and find the Virtual Tables and note them.

Today I will demo you easy way for getting this list with no additional efforts.

You will get below table list in every posts. I have listed tables below in Nav-2015.

Object Designer Virtual Itself from Virtual Table
Type ID Name   Object Type Object ID Object Name
Yes Table 2000000001 Object
1 2000000004 Permission Set Table 2000000004 Permission Set
1 2000000005 Permission Table 2000000005 Permission
1 2000000006 Company Table 2000000006 Company
Yes Table 2000000007 Date
Yes Table 2000000009 Session
Yes Table 2000000020 Drive
Yes Table 2000000022 File
Yes Table 2000000026 Integer
Yes Table 2000000028 Table Information
Yes Table 2000000029 System Object
Yes Table 2000000038 AllObj
Yes Table 2000000039 Printer
Yes Table 2000000040 License Information
Yes Table 2000000041 Field
Yes Table 2000000043 License Permission
Yes Table 2000000044 Permission Range
Yes Table 2000000045 Windows Language
Yes Table 2000000048 Database
Yes Table 2000000049 Code Coverage
1 2000000053 Access Control Table 2000000053 Access Control
Yes Table 2000000055 SID – Account ID
Yes Table 2000000058 AllObjWithCaption
Yes Table 2000000063 Key
1 2000000065 Send-To Program Table 2000000065 Send-To Program
1 2000000066 Style Sheet Table 2000000066 Style Sheet
1 2000000067 User Default Style Sheet Table 2000000067 User Default Style Sheet
1 2000000068 Record Link Table 2000000068 Record Link
1 2000000069 Client Add-in Table 2000000069 Client Add-in
1 2000000071 Object Metadata Table 2000000071 Object Metadata
1 2000000072 Profile Table 2000000072 Profile
1 2000000073 User Personalization Table 2000000073 User Personalization
1 2000000074 Profile Metadata Table 2000000074 Profile Metadata
1 2000000075 User Metadata Table 2000000075 User Metadata
1 2000000076 Web Service Table 2000000076 Web Service
1 2000000078 Chart Table 2000000078 Chart
1 2000000079 Object Tracking Table 2000000079 Object Tracking
1 2000000080 Page Data Personalization Table 2000000080 Page Data Personalization
1 2000000100 Debugger Breakpoint Table 2000000100 Debugger Breakpoint
Yes Table 2000000101 Debugger Call Stack
Yes Table 2000000102 Debugger Variable
Yes Table 2000000103 Debugger Watch Value
1 2000000104 Debugger Watch Table 2000000104 Debugger Watch
1 2000000110 Active Session Table 2000000110 Active Session
1 2000000111 Session Event Table 2000000111 Session Event
1 2000000112 Server Instance Table 2000000112 Server Instance
1 2000000114 Document Service Table 2000000114 Document Service
1 2000000120 User Table 2000000120 User
1 2000000121 User Property Table 2000000121 User Property
1 2000000130 Device Table 2000000130 Device
Yes Table 2000000135 Table Synch. Setup

All marked as Yes in above table under Virtual column are all the Virtual Tables.

I have not type one by one in the Page/form to get this list.

The Virtual table itself in Navision lists the Virtual tables in Navision. List can be different depending on the Version of Navision you see them.

Today I will share you smart way of finding this list of Virtual tables.

Next time you need not to do so hard work to list all the Virtual tables.

Here too you need to create a list page but you will not be required to key in the id of tables one by one, in fact only one table id which will give answers to your query.
Save and execute your Page/Form.

Now go to object Designer. Copy all the tables with id in range defined above and paste in Excel.

Copy above table list in Excel side by side and compare as above table shown in beginning of the post. All those which don’t match are your Virtual tables.

So easy, if anything is available why to waste effort for same.

It always good to share what you know with community, by this way we keep learning from each other.

Stay tuned for many such Tips.