Creating Word Mail Merge Report in Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2015

Today we will see Mail Merge feature in Word Report.

I would suggest to please go through my earlier post for creating simple List Report for better understanding as some parts I will be skipping in this post assuming you have already learned from my previous post.

Here is the Quick Link : [ Creating My First List Report in Navision 2015 ]

Lets assume ever month we require to send a Reminder Letter to our Customers for Due Payments.

Now we can design such report at customer ease.

Lets Start with creating a new Report.

Add the Data Items and desired columns as one shown below.

Add appropriate filters on Data Items, I have added [ Open = Yes, Document Type = Invoice, Remaining Amount > 0, Due Date <> ‘ ‘] you select your own as desired.

Set the Report Properties as shown in below screen.

Define Global Variables as shown in below screen.

We have Included WordMergeDataItem as Cust. Ledger Entry. This will set the table to loop for records.

Each records will be considered as New Page for the Report.

Word Mail Merge -1

In this report we are using Include Caption which will include caption for each required columns from one defined in respective table.

Add this property for each required column.

Add the code to the Data Item Trigger to fetch Customer Information for each record.

Word Mail Merge -2

Insert New Blank Word Layout to the Report.

Word Mail Merge -3

Export the Layout Template and Save.

Word Mail Merge -4

Open saved Layout Template in Word.

In below screen each component is shown, refer to earlier post Creating List Word Report, Link provided above for better understanding.

In this report Label is included as we have set property for each column to include caption.

Word Mail Merge -5

Design the sample Letter as one shown below.

I have highlighted all the Dataset Columns/Fields in yellow.

How to add fields please refer to earlier post Creating Word List Report, Link provided above.

Word Mail Merge -6

Now Save the Template and Import into the Report.

Word Mail Merge -7

Here is the out put from the report as below.

Each page will contain data as per in Customer Ledger Entry Due Payment Records.

Word Mail Merge -8

We are done !!!

You can use formatting feature of Word to add more better look to your Report as desired.

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