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User Experience Settings – Madeira

Based on the needs of your company you can change the way all your employees experience Project “Madeira”.

Open the Company Information Page:


In the Company Information window, you can set the application experience that your users will have on User Experience FastTab as shown in the following screen:


The following table describes the impact of the experience setting:

Experience setting Description
Basic This is the setting to choose if you only want the bare essentials to do the bookkeeping for a smaller company.

You’ll have sales quotes, order, invoices and purchase invoices for your business transactions with customers and vendors, and journals to do the finance.

You’ll be able to use Project “Madeira” as your business inbox in Outlook, and you can also use services such as PayPal and Yodlee.

Basic + Relationship Management This is the default setting for the demonstration version.

It has the essential features (Basic) for you to get an idea of how Project “Madeira” works – you can do bookkeeping for a smaller company as well as doing common tasks in customer relationship management.

Suite This is Project “Madeira” in full. You’ll have all the features offered in Project “Madeira”, in addition to Basic + Relationship Management you will get the following features:

  • Multiple Currencies
  • Dimensions
  • Workflows (incl. Document Approvals)
  • Budgets
  • OCR service (Incoming Documents)
  • Deferrals
  • Recurring Journals
  • Electronic Documents
  • Analysis reports (G/L, Sales, Purchase, Items)

Will come up with more details in my upcoming posts.

Till Then keep exploring and Learning.