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Redesigned C/AL Editor in Navision 2016

The C/AL Editor in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment has been redesigned to give you more coding capabilities. Coding in the new C/AL editor is like before except you benefit from new features such as IntelliSense, name completion, change tracking, improved syntax highlighting and colorization. The new design has a look-and-feel that resembles the Debugger regarding breakpoints.

Name Completion:  Editor-1

Now Editor suggest the Variable Names which are available.

IntelliSense:  Editor-2
Now Editor Suggest available options for the variables.

Change Tracking:  Editor-4

Improved syntax highlighting and colorization:
If you still want to use old version editor, you can use the old version of the C/AL Editor by running the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment from a command prompt and setting the useoldeditor parameter.

finsql.exe useoldeditor=yes

useoldeditor Specifies whether to use the C/AL Editor that was available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and earlier versions. The C/AL Editor was redesigned in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

To use the old editor, specify the parameter as useoldeditor=yes or useoldeditor.

To use the new editor, omit the parameter or specify it as useoldeditor=no.