UI Elements Removal

Depending on the setting in the UI Elements Removal field in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Administration tool, only UI elements on objects in the license or on objects that the user has permissions for will appear in the user interface.

For UI elements without a direct relation, you can use the AccessByPermission property to set a value for a table field or UI element that determines the permission mask for an object that a user must have to see and access the related page fields or UI element in the client

To make full use of the LicenseFileAndUserPermissions option in the UI Elements Removal field, it is recommended that you assign the special FOUNDATION permission set to the user along with the relevant application permission sets that define which application objects the user will access. In addition, you must make sure that the user’s application permission sets grant all the functionality access that is not granted by the FOUNDATION permission set alone

A couple of the application permission sets that are provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV are adapted to support the FOUNDATION permission set for demonstration purposes. To experience how UI elements are removed for a user performing the task to create and edit a new customer, you can create a sample user interface based on the provided permission sets.

For more details see my earlier post AccessByPermission Property – in Navision 2015

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